Test of Auditory and

Visual Skills




Learning Circuits will be a CERTIFIED TAVS Provider from mid June.


TAVS testing is available for 5+ years olds (pending consideration of suitability)



TAVS is a unique tool for screening many subtle areas of auditory and visual processing. These areas are vital for listening, reading, attention and memory skills. Screening with TAVS can help to understand why children are having difficulties within the classroom or at home. This is a wonderful tool to provide pre and post-assessment measures for children and adults for The Listening Program®, inTime, and other interventions that seek to improve fundamental sensory processing skills.


Developed by Advanced Brain Technologies with an international team of specialists, TAVS offers a unique opportunity to assess low level auditory and visual skills without using words. This makes it a wonderful tool to understand more about the processing of frequency, amplitude, timing and spatial aspects – the fundamentals of listening.


The use of TAVS within an assessment of children and adults with a range of sensory and learning challenges is an important part of the whole assessment process.


TAVS is able to screen the following functions:


  • Temporal order processing (auditory & visual)
  • Fusion Threshold (auditory & visual)
  • Auditory & visual motor skills
  • Pitch discrimination
  • Duration pattern
  • Sequence order
  • Sound localisation
  • Pitch pattern perception
  • Gap in noise

Test of Auditory and Visual Skills

Getting Tested



TAVS can take up to 2 hours, and we recommend speaking with us first, to determine suitability

for testing.




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